Helicopter Fire Fighting

Pennine Helicopters Ltd is one of the country’s leading Helicopter Fire Fighting specialists. Our team have over 25 years experience in aerial fire fighting. If not tackled promptly forest and moorland fires can quickly spread, destroying vegetation and habitats as they go. In addition to putting the lives of animals and humans in grave danger, fires can cause huge collateral damage. Pennine Helicopters have worked with individual land owners, National Park Authorities, National Trust, Water Companies and the Fire Service direct, to stop fires from spreading and limit the damage they cause. We are proud of our reputation for providing a dependable and professional aerial fire fighting service, and aim to respond as quickly as possible to every call out.

Since we are located in the heart of the Pennines, and close to the Derbyshire Peak District, this enables us to be on site within a matter of minutes when called out to assist the Fire Service with a moorland fire in these regions.

Our helicopter ferries water and equipment to these inaccessible locations supporting the Fire Personnel in their vital role. In some cases helicopter fire fighting can be so effective that it can allow the fire service crews to stand down, leaving the task of extinguishing the fire to the helicopter.

The Fire Service does a spectacular job, keeping people, property and rural environments safe and free from harm. However, there are limits on what they can do and places they simply cannot access.

There are several reasons why a helicopter and an experienced crew can be hugely beneficial for fighting fires:

Firstly, we’re able to offer a fast response whilst other forms of transport may take time to mobilise and have to contend with ground traffic; we can be in the air and on the scene in minutes.

Secondly, from our vantage point in the air, we’re able to quickly assess the situation and provide that information to the professionals.

In addition, once we’re airborne, we can quickly transport staff and equipment to where it’s needed most and provide support wherever it’s required: from dropping water directly onto the scene of the fire, to giving valuable updates as to the progression of the fire and the various actions which are being taken to fight and manage the situation.

Pennine have been members of the Fire Operations Group (FOG) for many years which is an organisation based in the Peak District and made up of local land owners, neighbouring Fire Services, Water Companies, the National Trust and the Peak Park who work together to protect the beauty of this very special area.

Helicopter Fire Fighting Assets

  • Our experienced flight and ground crew with over 25 years of knowledge

  • A ground based support vehicle (Land Rover 110)

  • Ancillary lifting equipment – nets, slings, bags

  • Ground to Air radio communication for client use

  • Satellite Communications

  • 2 x Kestrel Buckets (for controlled spraying of water, the only 2 in the country)

  • Bambi Bucket

  • Portable Dam

  • Pennine Pumps (flown out for ground use in hot spots)

  • Fast and efficient refuelling with 2 mobile fuel bowsers available

If you are unfortunate enough to have a wildfire and are unsure if you want to deploy our services please feel free to call and put us on standby FOC. We can then prepare for an immediate call-out should the situation deteriorate.

For Emergency Callouts / Standby Contact our Duty Officer on 07887 947 945.